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Tuesday, July 30
Bad weather hinders mountaineers at Shkhara

Netgazeti reports that the team of Polish mountaineers facing problems at Shkhara Mountain is waiting for assistance. Representative of the municipal department of emergency situations said the weather hinders the process.

One of the mountaineers fell from the ropes while climbing. He does not have any injuries and can move; however, the rest of the mountaineers needed the help from the municipal department to safely go down the mountain.

Polish mountaineers remain at the central Shkhara. The office of the emergency situations in Mestia is fully mobilized, but the weather remains a problematic issue.

Shkhara is the highest mountain in Georgia; its height is 5,068 m.

How social media endangers employees

Netgazeti reports that every 4th user of the social networks regrets posting various statuses and sharing photos or videos after a certain period of time. This is what the results of the survey carried out by the webpage FindLaw has released.

The story about the survey was published on the popular webpage Mashable. According to the article the authors of the survey questioned 1,000 Americans who use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network. According to the survey, 1 out of 4 people are afraid that their posts placed on the social networks may become the reason for their dismissal or cause problems with their future employers.

29% of the questioned from 18 to 34, said feared that their employees might use their posts against them as compromising material. This is why 79% of the questioned uses to delete posts soon after publishing them.

Findlaw advises the users of social networks to consider the circle of people able to share their posts and limit access of people who may misuse their information.