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How much time do you spend exercising?

Tuesday, July 30
“I have and had much desire to run in the morning, however, I need a companion, sometimes I am lazy, and sometimes there is not good weather or something like this. I have no problems with weight and this also makes me lazy in this regard.”
Nana, Medical student, 22

“I spent much time on training. It is part of my every day life. I can not imagine my life without physical exercises. I have trainings both at home and at the gym.”
Temo, physicist, 29

“I have no time for this. I work at a private school and spend much time there, I have private students and my evening hours are also allocated for teaching activities. Sometimes I have made attempts to do physical exercise. However it had no systemic nature and did not give any real outcome.”
Manana, Teacher, 53

“I spend 1 hour on my work out routine every day, 6 days a week. I used to do 1.5 hour routines, but it was too much pressure on my body, so had to change it.”
Lasha, account manager, 26

“Regrettably I’m very lazy. I do not work out at all. As a kid I did Georgian dances, so had to train for 4 hours daily. But now I work in a company and get home very tired, with no energy for physical training.”
Tamar, corporate lawyer, 29