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Do you think it was a correct decision by the president to pardon the former governor Gunava?

Thursday, August 1
“As far as I know the conviction was not that grave, thus I do not think that it was problem to pardon such person. But from the political viewpoint, when the situation remains so tensed, I'd say that making such move from the President was not right.”
Diana, PR Manager, 30

“Of course it was not, Gunava is Saakashvili’s party member and I think the president used his right to pardon according to his personal preferences.”
Mari, BA student, 21

“I was confused to hear about the president’s decision, as far as I know Gunava’s trial is still in progress at the Tbilisi Appeal Court. It would have been better if Saakashvili waited for the final decision of the court.”
Sandro, legal adviser, 28

“I do not think Gunava was innocent and had to be pardoned. I usually do not believe in the innocence of the former high ranking officials.”
Megi, housewife, 49

“I was sure Saakashvili would have done exactly the same. However, the investigation is still underway and I think Gunava will be sent back to prison.”
Anna, Teacher, 28

“I think it was not right to pardon Gunava. I do not know him personally, but if he has really done what people say, he should spend some time of his life in detention.”
Keti, manager, 26