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Friday, August 2
Sakrebulo to study construction at Turtle Lake

Netgazeti reports that the Environment Protection Commission of Tbilisi City Council (Sakrebulo) has begun studying the recent development of a planned restaurant at Turtle Lake. Tbilisi government official Kakha Piruashvili admitted that Tbilisi faces many environmental problems. Piruashvili added that while the situation at Turtle Lake cannot be totally reversed it can be stopped.

"I am going to visit the site of the planned restaurant at Turtle Lake" Piruashvili announced before adding that saplings will not be cut down but rather moved to a different spot. According to Piruashvili, the commission will study if construction of the restaurant is legal or not.

"As far as I know most of Turtle Lake is protected by the area in question can be developed." Piruashvili said. He added that is it Sakrebulo's responsibility to create and enforce zoning laws in Tbilisi.