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Which places would you suggest to foreign tourists in Georgia and what advice would you give them if they decided to visit Georgia?

Friday, August 2
"I like all the parts of Georgia because I think they have their own beauty; however the main thing I would recommend is to consider the climate of the places they are visiting."
Salome, interpreter, 27

"My favorite destination is Mtiuleti with its greenish mountains and chilly evenings. Even if the days are hot at the noon it is always freezing cold at night so I would strongly suggest taking both light and warm clothes if they choose to spend their holiday in Mtiuleti."
Anna, writer, 31

"I would suggest spending a couple of days in every region of the country. I think they will find it very interesting to see the variety that Georgia can offer."
Eka, housewife, 26

"I donít know which place to suggest, it depends on what they are interested in. I would definitely recommend visiting Kazbegi by all means-it is absolutely marvelous."
Sandro, BA student, 19

"Probably I would recommend rafting in the mountains. I went rafting on the Aragvi River this summer and it was an amazing experience."
Tata, accounting manager, 29

"I think that there are many interesting places in Georgia. I would recommend visiting Kazbegi but all the Georgian mountainous regions are really marvelous. If they decide to go up to the mountains they should carry some warm clothes. They should be aware that not all types of transport can reach those regions-on some roads you need a car with four wheel drive."
Gvantsa, Teacher, 26

"I would recommend the mountainous parts of Georgia such as Svaneti, Racha or Kazbegi. During the summer time: Batumi or Kobuleti .There are many sights and wonderful nature."
Nana, Student, 22