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Tbilisi State University rector candidates meet students

Monday, August 5
An open competition has begun for occupying the vacant post of the head of Tbilisi State University (TSU). 10 out of 14 candidates presented their action plans to the students on August 3rd.

The development of the university’s infrastructure, education level and its international image are the top priorities for the candidates, along with maintaining the autonomy of the university. All of them have the necessary PhD qualifications for becoming the rector; accordingly, they claim that each of them is closely aware of the main necessities and problems of the university.

One of the candidates, Marina Muskhelishvili, spoke about the problems that the university faces nowadays. According to her, the lack of books and suitable literature to the various fields still remains unresolved. Another candidate, Merab Tsagareli, highlighted the need for the decentralization of the university and said the TSU should have more financial and managerial rights.

“In this violent period the university as the united, firm ship should continue to move smoothly in the direction of studying,” initiated Ilia Tavkhelidze, another candidate.

Communication with students was one of the main issues on which Manana Khachidze had focused. According to her, currently the connection between the university and student is at a very low level.

The students were able to address the candidates with questions during the meeting. They got interested in the financial side of the university. Would the tuition fee be increased or not and how will the new management defend the autonomy of the university? These were among the questions highlighted by the students. “I will increase tuition fees, but it will touch only foreign students,” said the candidate, Marine Chitashvili. She found it strange that the university has the same tuition fees for local students as it does for foreigners as well.

Students’ involvement in the working process of the administration was the priority for Lado Papava in order to create additional income for students for covering their expenses.

Students welcomed the candidates programs and hoped that the academic council of TSU will make the right decision. From their side, the students intend to observe the election process scheduled on August 16.

TSU student, Levan Lortkipanidze, said such meetings will help the students to reveal their favorites in an objective and competitive environment.

The TSU rector post became vacant from June 12. According to the amendments proposed by the government, the rectors will be required to hold an academic degree to be eligible for their position. As the former head of TSU Alexander Kvitashvili did not have a PhD or an equivalent academic degree he resigned from the position.