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What do you think about the Georgian modern musicians?

Monday, August 5
I do not listen to Georgian singers at all. Show business has some attempts to recover, but in my opinion it is pointless. First, Georgians should learn that it is not necessary to imitate others, they should sing as they sing. There are really talented singers in Georgia, and they have potential but unfortunately they have to reveal their talent in other countries.
Keti, Linguist, 24

I listen to them rarely, but still I think that our country does not have musical show business at all.
Gvantsa, BA Student, 20

"Of course I listen to Georgian music and carefully follow Georgian bands. Our musical market is full of talents, but show business needs money to develop and that always is a problem in Georgia."
Salome, student, 21

"I am a bit skeptical about the potential of Georgian show business, as it needs loads of investments to develop, I don't think this will happen in nearest future. But I really like modern bands we have, especially LoudSpeakers, we have many talented musicians, but they need money to record albums and do shows."
Temur, choreographer, 28

"I'm not a big fan of Georgian musicians; I think their work lacks quality."
Sandro, legal adviser, 27

I listen to several modern bands however; I think Georgia does not have any opportunities to offer to the young musicians in terms of development and prosperity. As there is no show business industry in Georgia those young talented people leave the country and try their fortune abroad which is both sad and encouraging at the same time.
Misha, Writer, 27

I think Georgians have good music ear and if they work hard on their own abilities and skills anyone can sing or play any musical instrument quite well; however, talent is not enough. Every musician needs a good producer and the audience, but without the financial profit people simply start making music as their hobby and do not treat their gift seriously way. This is why I think the country has to develop the show business where the musicians will get money for their music and the audience pleasure.
Irma, Dentist, 31