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Which newly released films did you like (dislike) most? Why (not)?

Tuesday, August 6
“Pacific Rim is the best movie for 2013, it has very good script and characters are also very good. Man of Steel was the movie that disappointed me the most; it was pure action and not interesting at all. My favorite genre is Thriller.”
Nodar, Sociologist, 22

“Hollywood is obsessed with superhero stories. I like none of them, except Christopher Nolan's Batman. All the rest are crap.”
Sophio, Producer, 25

“I like the Phantom because it is based on the real story. But in general I enjoy adventurous films, as well as comedies and fantasy.”
Shako, Student, 21

“I watched The Bling Ring Recently and I loved it. The film is based on a true story. I like Sofia Coppola and Emma Watson. I like films that make at least some sense and I totally hate horror movies. Can’t understand why someone would love to watch horror movies.”
Khatia, service agent, 34

“This year I liked Bernardo Bertolucci’s Me and You very much! I liked its content, visual side, cast and everything. I cannot remember what this genre is called, but anyway, I enjoy films that make you think after you finish watching. I also like Pedro Almodovar’s films. I am far from the Hollywood dramas and thrillers. I prefer serious films.”
Keti, PR Manager, 26

“I can say what I did not like very much for now: it is Planet X with Will Smith and his son.”
Vakho, Economist, 29