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‘Think Deep, Fly Higher’

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, August 6
Four students at ESM Business School at Free University added a pretty original service to Tbilisi by creating the Promotional Sky Company, which is available for representatives of any layer.

The four friends offer innovational advertising and other original ideas by using hot-air balloons. For companies they make advertisements and for private persons they offer personal message services. They place any kind of logos and inscription on the airships at any location for different prices. The company has only existed about a month, but the team has already had experience working with companies like the Tolia ice-cream company.

It was the idea of Pavle Beridze, the company’s CEO, to create this kind of a company. However, he said the four men have planned how to develop this idea together with the help of their families. “We fought a lot, it was not easy to start from zero, but we found strength in ourselves and did not give up. I hope our example will give stimulus to others with creative thinking, never to give up on their dreams,” Beridze told The Messenger, sharing their motto: Think Deep, Fly Higher!

According to Risk Manager, Irakli Shalamberidze, helium balloons fly above in the sky and any advertisement placed on it is memorized by the people from the ground. Giorgi Midelauri, Logistics Manager, said its attractive shape and uniqueness attracts attention of all people. “Sometimes they even take photos with the balloon,” he said.

Vakhtang Mdzinarashvili, Operations Manager, explained that the company provides marketing services and consulting in the following areas: advertising, advertising script, the story, the idea planning, market research, new product introduction, testing, re-branding, etc.

The four friends plan to become a dominant company on the Georgian advertising market and by the end of 2015 to own at least 5% of this market.