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Which of the steps made by the Georgian Dream coalition do you approve (disapprove) since winning the elections?

Wednesday, August 7
“I think it is too early yet to assess the achievements of the government because the transition of power is always followed by slow changes.”
Nikoloz, Architect, 27

“I like the new system of Government insurance, but I dislike that there are still many unemployed people in the country.”
Mariam, Producer, 23

“I become more and more irritated with the prosecutor’s office, which does not stop detaining former officials, but lacks enough evidence. The cases when the accused are being bailed out or released without any charges is increasing, this is why I think the prosecutor’s office needs serious reform.”
Ilia, Lawyer, 33

“General insurance reform seems to be success at present, however, medicines still remain hard to access for the socially vulnerable population and those who do not have permanent income. I approve of the new steps considered by the Ministry of IDPs in terms of providing IDPs with shelters and jobs. However, the level of education remains a problematic issue and the same can be said about the jobs.”
Tamara, Teacher, 41

"The new government has made mistakes of course, but I like it better than the previous government. First of all, I like the new cabinet, well maybe I'm not a fan of every minister we have nowadays, but most of them are professionals of the field they are leading and that's what I like, especially Khaduri and Tsulukiani."
Tako, flight attendant, 25

"I think it's a bit early to assess the work the new government has done so far, I'm still watching them with great curiosity and hope."
Nana, housewife, 49