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What comes to your mind when you think of the August War in 2008?

Thursday, August 8
It was the worst period in my life I do not at all want to remember anything! It causes very negative emotions.
Marekh, MA Student, 24

The August War first of all reminds me of our fallen soldiers and civilians; I also am sorry for their families and start hating the ugly politics!
Kakha, Risk Manager, 29

I recently worked on the August War issues for my diploma thesis and I visited the settlement for IDPs. I am very sorry for them. They had to leave their homes, abandon their houses and move to the new places without any hope. However, after five years, they still live on low allowances and pension and still face poverty and unemployment, while the conflict over the Tskhinvali region remains unsolved.
Salome, Reporter, 25

I remember the dead reservists and other participants of the war as well as the people who have lost the relatives.
Keti, Photographer, 26

I always feel deep fear...fear of losing very close people.
Mariam, Housewife, 29

I do not even know, probably I became scared. It is indeed scary to realize what weve been through and how worse things could have been or could still be in the future.
Sophie, HR, 28

I have mixed feelings about the war. I feel anger and fear at the same time.
Mako, Interpreter, 23

The first thing that comes to my mind is Gori railway station. I and my mother were going back to Tbilisi from our village in the West Georgia. I remember how scared people were when the train stopped in Gori.
Ani, Lawyer, 25