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Do you think individuals with dual citizenship should be allowed to register as a candidate in elections?

Monday, August 12
“I think it is all right for those who have dual citizenship to participate in elections as candidates, but there should be some requirements for them to be set, for example at least 5 years of permanent residence in Georgia should be one of the requirements for them.”
Paata, legal adviser, 29

“If the individual has been living in Georgia permanently why not, he should be allowed to register as a candidate in elections.”
Marina, housewife, 49

“I think those willing to take a seat in the parliament or local self-government and especially become a president should be holding only Georgian citizenship.”
Nino, unemployed, 24

“Why do they need dual citizenship if they are going to be elected and become a state official and work for their country? If the person who is participating in the election holds double-citizenship, they should refuse the citizenship of the other country if elected.”
Saba, photographer, 26

“I think such a practice should not be implemented for a small country like Georgia where politicians can easily become under the influence of other states.”
Eka, PR Manager, 36

“I think it does not matter which nationality a person has in general, because the mentality remains unchanged. However, if a person with the dual citizenship decides to take part in any elections it means he/she wants to serve to their country. Thus, it would be better to refuse the citizenship of another country and just retain the original Georgian citizenship. While if it concerns foreigners who have gained Georgian citizenship together with the original one, I think they should not even attempt to take part in elections of the country they do not at all represent.”
Giorgi, Economist, 43