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Do you play any computer/online games? Why (not)?

Tuesday, August 13
“Yes I do, I like mostly all kind of computer games, for PC and for play stations, I play them because they mostly have great storylines and interesting characters, and from online games I gained much friends, with whom I now have relationship in real life.”
Tamar, Economist, 26

“I do not play computer games at all. Always when I see the game invitations I delete them instantly. I do not have any interest but some games as my friends say are very interesting and catching.”
Keti, MA Student, 23

"I don't play any computer games. I just think it is a big waste of time.”
Shako, Lawyer, 27

“No I don't but my boss does! He can play these silly games the whole day and if you try to interrupt him from playing the game he becomes so irritated and angry that you had better not enter his room. Sometimes he is even ready to kill you.”
Ninia, Office Manager, 29

“I used to play some of them, but lately I found them useless and a time-consuming process. Mostly I enjoyed playing Mahjong and find numbers and objects.”
Eka, Producer, 35

“I used to be actively playing in past. Such games are very addictive. You should always stay home not to miss any updates or important notes or always be online. This is why I stopped playing. If you start playing – you will get addicted, this is why it is better to keep away from such fun.”
Mariam, Reporter, 24