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If increased what do you think the budget of Tbilisi Mayor's office should be spent on?

Thursday, August 15
“I do not think the budget of Tbilisi Mayor’s Office should increase. I think they have quite enough money, but still fail to implement the necessary projects. So, what is the use of increasing their finances I wonder?”
Lali, Reporter, 24

“I think the Mayor’s office has had enough time for implementing all the projects they find worth covering over the past years. They spent money in concerts, entertainment, and fun and forgot that the IDPs need their conditions addressed, that the kindergartens need improved services, etc. This is why I am totally against increasing the budget. Let them save their money and help the rest of the inhabitants of Tbilisi on their own.”
Mikheil, Driver, 38

“I do not see any necessity of increasing the mayor’s budget. Yes, the capital faces a lot of problems – especially unemployment and lack of facility for people with disabilities, but still, as I am aware the office has several hundreds of thousands-lari budget which should be quite enough for eradication of at least the most vital problems.”
Irma, Housewife, 36

“I think, that budget of the Tbilisi City Hall must be increased, because there are real problems in the city, which must be solved, naming them all will take a lot of time, but the issues named by the City Hall are more than enough in my opinion.”

“Well, as far as I heard Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava wants Mayor’s Office budget to be increased. I have nothing against the suggested if the fields for financing are responsibly chosen and the money is spent transparently. To tell you the truth, I do not believe in Ugulava and there are doubts as well that the Mayor’s office funds had been spent for the UNM election and some other non-city related issues. I think that some social houses should be built where the socially unprotected people will be able to stay.”
Tsitsi, Teacher, 25

“There are various directions that might be financed like infrastructure, kindergartens, charity houses, rehabilitation projects. There are lots of houses especially in old parts of the capital that require urgent rehabilitation.”
Gvantsa, Translator, 26