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Pensions increase

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, August 20
According to the decision of the Georgian government, the retired pensioners and some other citizens of Georgia such as the victims of the political repressions, persons with disabilities, etc, will receive increased pension from 125 up to 150 GEL.

The survival minimum in Georgia is officially 150 GEL. Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili has promised before the parliamentary elections that his team would make the pensions equal to the survival minimum from September, 2013.

There are approximately 700,000 pensioners in Georgia, so that the country would need over 100 million GEL monthly to cover the demands of the pensioners. There is yet another issue in this regards. As many analysts highlight, the survival minimum in Georgia in reality is around 220 GEL. However, it is unlikely that the state would manage to reach this figure for time being.