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How successfully do you think the tourist season is ongoing in Georgia this year?

Tuesday, August 20
“Well, I think that there are more tourists in Georgia this year than they were in former years. I do not know the reason of this…I was in the sea side regions of Georgia and I could hardly hear Georgian language, there were so many foreigners. If there were better weather this year I think that there would be more tourists…however, September is still ahead.”
Tsutsi, language specialist, 26

“Well, I think that situation is ongoing normally. I do not think that situation is better than it was formerly, I do not think that there are more tourists in Georgia in this year than in 2012…”
Sopho, Social worker, 25

“I think Georgia has greater potential to attract tourists with its amazing nature and places the country lacks relevant PR campaigns to develop in the right direction; moreover, lack of facilities is yet another problem. This way or another, this summer has been the total failure but this is mainly because of the bad weather with intensive rains and flooding.”
Irina, Manager, 34

“Unfortunately I did not have an opportunity to go on vacations this summer. I mean I spent the weekends-off at home in Tbilisi this is why I am not very well familiar with the situation at the seaside. However, the weather has been rainy in recent months and a lot of regions have been badly affected thus the number of visitors, both local and foreigners, was not as high as usually this summer.”
Nodar, Secutiry, 22

"I guess the season's been quite successful, I see many foreigners in the city. I think the season's been a lot more successful than it was in previous couple years."
Ani, Lawyer, 26

"I think season was successful, even though I had not the opportunity to leave the city during this summer, I was told by several friends that health resorts are overloaded, no matter if is it sunny or raining."
Inga, philologist, 29