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Thursday, August 22
What will Saakashvili do after his presidency expires?

Netgazeti reports that after his term of presidency expires President Mikheil Saakashvili plans to open a vine-growing/wine-making center in Kakheti. He said that a similar center will be opened in Kartli as well. He said winery associations are being established everywhere because wine-making is a profitable sphere even for small villages as it does not need as much funding as the other agricultural directions.

Saakashvili also said his activities will include listening to people and hold a lot of meetings. He plans to open a study center for political sciences in Tbilisi. “I think political education is the weakest point in Georgia,” he said, pointing out that the Technological University has been closed in Batumi “taking all the American money” [that was considered for its construction.]

Saakashvili said he will also continue trying to popularize Georgia. He said his recent trip to Toba-Varchkhili Lake was not his obsession. “Tourism is Georgia’s top source of income for many people,” he said, adding that this year Batumi had the highest number of tourists in its whole history.