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How often do you visit Mtatsminda Park? What do you like or dislike there?

Thursday, August 22
“I do not often visit Mtatminda Park, but it is really very nice to be there with friends or lovely people. I like fresh air, nice environment there.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 26

“There are old-fashioned attractions that are already out of date in Europe or America. Those might only be used for children. Prices do not really correspond to the service and quality that are suggested there.”
Tiko, Student, 21

“It is worth to go there as there is good nature, and fresh air. However, some attractions do not work, as far as I know there were some technical problems that are not solved yet.”
Khvicha, Engineer, 35

“It is a nice place. However, there are also children in other parts of Georgia and the government should think about opening a similar place in Georgia's regions as well.”
Natia, Painter, 28

“Well I was there 3 years ago I do not really know what is going on there. When I have guests and visit the area.”
Khatuna, Designer, 40

“When I have time and money, I like visiting the place with my friends. We speak and sometimes have a fun there. Unfortunately, only a small quantity of the attractions is ready to serve people there. The most interesting ones are stopped currently. It would be nice if someone expresses interest concerning the problem.”
Temur, Physicist, 29

“It is always hard for me to stop the car there. The fact creates me discomfort when I visit the place. In general, it is a nice place to have a rest and spend time with relatives, children…children especially like the place.”
Anri, pilot, 26

“I do not visit, as I have too little time due my job. I have a desire to go there and ses what is ongoing. There are some people around me who really like this place.”
Tamta, translator, 24