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Nut harvest

By Messenger Staff
Monday, August 26
In 2013 Georgia has a good harvest of nuts. However, the price of nuts is around 2.50 GEL, which is less compared to the last year.

Last year’s high costs were determined mainly by a bad harvest. Hazelnuts currently became an important item for Georgian agriculture.

However, the hazelnut business requires serious support. There are very few farmers involved in this business; mostly there are individual peasants organizing family amateur business. Each one regularly harvests 500 kg hazelnuts and sells them to the factories gradually. The main exporter of hazelnuts in the world is Turkey, which provides 80% of the world’s supply. There is a special hazelnut growing, processing, harvesting and marketing system in Turkey. Georgia is attempting to fix its position on the world’s market. Much of Georgia’s hazelnuts are exported to China.