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How often do you receive SMS advertisements on your mobile? What do you think about this?

Monday, August 26
"I receive those ads frequently and I find it to be very annoying, especially considering that I never give away my phone number to the various shops or companies and do not give them any right to use my number for their advertisement."
Mako, credit officer, 27

"My father receives an enormous number of ads on his phone. I also do but rarely, we use different cell companies."
Ana, MA student, 24

"I think there should be some law regulating the issue. I'm not happy with the fact that some companies send me advertisement I'm not interested in."
Nika, doctor, 37

“I do receive ads on my cell phone, in some of those companies, I have left my number for knowing the news, but parts of them are from companies I have only heard of, sometimes it makes me a bit irritated.”
Laura, manager, 35

“I can say that sometimes those messages sent by various companies or organizations through messages on my phone irritate me… sometimes I get several messages in a day…I think that in some cases my rights are violated and regulations should be established in this regard.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 26

“Sometimes I even joke that Geocell is in love with me as I get more messages from the mobile operator than from my girlfriend. Sometimes there is some useful information, sometimes I get irritated, especially when several such messages come in a day.”
Temur, Engineer, 29

“I never get ads on my phone. I get messages only in case if it informs me concerning some news regarding the mobile operator’s service.”
Avtandil, Economist, 27