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When do you think Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili should leave the political arena?

Tuesday, September 3
“Yes, I think he should leave politics and be replaced with someone who can do politics, not business."
Lika, Student, 21

“Ivanishvili should leave politics after he manages to fulfill the promises given during the election campaign for the parliamentary elections in 2012. I read his Monday statement where he explained in details when and why he is leaving and stressed that he in reality he will remain in Georgia and become an active part of the country’s social life by monitoring the steps made by the executive, legislative and judiciary bodies. I welcome his position and hope his substitute will be an honorable person.”
Elene, Translator, 32

“I cannot specify when exactly he should leave and why, but I am sure he should not leave the political arena now! People support the Georgian Dream coalition because of Ivanishvili and he should remain in politics until he is the least needed here.”
Keti, Photographer, 26

“Not sure, probably first he should make sure his cabinet operates properly and can ensure democratic development of the country.”
Magda, tour agent, 27

“I think he should keep the post for 2 more years, he has some work to do as a PM.”
Lika, manager, 34

“If the cabinet he established and new parliament can help the democratic development of the country it is not necessary for Ivanishvili to keep his post for several more years. I think he did a job and changed the government in this country, so it won’t be tragedy if he resigns now.”
Tako, social agent, 24

“I believe in Ivanishvili, I think that he should leave politics and continue his path in civil sector.”
Zviad, Employed, 29

“I am interested in who will be able to carry out real constitutional changes. Today’s parliament? Where there are just 2-3 men with juridical education? I have not heard the project of any presidential candidates as well – including Giiorgi Margvelashvili… thus it’s too early…”
Tsira, lawyer, 32