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Will the PM opt out of politics?

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, September 4
Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili openly explained to the Georgian population why he is leaving politics. The issue has become the subject of speculation the minute the PM first revealed his plans to quit politics in future. While his party colleagues support him on this matter, the opposition looks at this as irresponsible behavior.

Ivanishvili mentioned his intent to quit politics several times in his interviews with the foreign media. This time, however, Ivanishvili addressed the Georgian people with an open letter where he disclosed all the arguments that affected his decision on the matter.

According to PM, his staying as the head of the cabinet would be damaging for the state. Therefore, he wants to move to the non-governmental sector and facilitate democratic developments in the country. He thinks that he will quit politics when he is confident that the country will not deviate from the direction it has chosen; presumably, it will be after the presidential elections.

Ivanishvili wants to leave the stable governing system in the country based on democracy; he wants to be sure that all the state bodies and officials work in order. PM also added that if he has to, he will return to politics.

In his open letter, Ivanishvili highlighted the importance of strengthening civil society and control over the government and the ruling bodies. On the other hand, he intends to maintain his power to influence politics in the country.

This is a very controversial position that irritates those in the opposition. If Ivanishvili does not preserve a political position, but still wants to influence the political situation in the country, this is not very democratic.

The opposition says that Bidzina Ivanishvili has been unable to develop the state in the right direction at the right speed, and that his administration has failed to fulfill many of the promises given during the pre-election period in 2012. Therefore, they think this is why he has decided to leave active politics.

Some analysts suggest that Ivanishvili’s resignation from the PM’s position might stipulate the collapse of the Georgian Dream coalition and slowly it will dissolve and disappear into several smaller political entities.

The presidential candidate of the United National Movement, Davit Bakradze, spoke about the risks and threats Ivanishvili’s resignation might bring to the country. Mainly he thinks that Ivanishvili’s step will negatively reflect on the Georgian economy, as the PM was the guarantor of stability and economic welfare of the country.

Most analysts agree that the PM’s constant talk about his future resignation keeps uncertainty in the country not only among the political parties, but the entire population as well as potential investors. This is not good for Georgia's goal of stability and positive image internationally.