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Wednesday, September 4
Private life videos to be destroyed on Thursday

Netgazeti reports that illegal secret video material will be destroyed on Thursday. The members of the special commission, Lasha Tugushi and Eka Gigauri said it refers only to the videos of sexual content.

“I think it is a really positive decision. From a legal basis there will be no questions over this issue anymore. All the procedures will be carried out according to the law and international practice,” head of Transparency International Georgia, Eka Gigauri said after the commission session.

According to the editor-in-chief of Rezonansi newspaper, Lasha Tugushi, only private life videos will be destroyed, while other interesting material will remain for further investigation.

Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA) Irakli Gharibashvili confirmed the information. The MIA planned to destroy the material before August 15; however, it had been postponed.

Ambassador: Tickets booked for Georgians staying in Syria

Netgazeti reports that the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is offering air tickets to the Georgian citizens who are currently in Syria so they can return home. Georgia’s ambassador to Egypt, Archil Dzuliashvili, said the MFA tries its best to assist the Georgians. The ministry has booked tickets for 18 citizens who are supposed to leave the country on September 5th. According to the ambassador, they are now waiting for the response of those Georgians.

Due to the situation in Syria Georgian MFA had been encouraging all Georgian citizens to leave the country since 2011. They said from 22 people registered in Syria, only 18 agreed to return to Georgia.