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Thursday, September 5
Zourabishvili appeals CECís refusal to register her as presidential candidate

Salome Zourabishvili intends to appeal to the court against the refusal of the Central Election Commission to register her as a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections.

According to the CEC, the reason for the refusal was Zurabishvili's dual citizenship (France and Georgia). The application for Zurabishvili's registration was submitted by the initiative group to the Central Election Commission. "This decision is absolutely unfair and illegal. We will appeal to the court tomorrow morning and wait for the execution of law by the court. According to the current Constitution, I have the right to participate in the elections. The court is for protecting the rights of all people, including mine," Zurabishvili told journalists.

The CEC noted that according to Article 29 of the Georgian Constitution, Georgian citizens who have citizenship of another foreign state at the same time, cannot be elected to the post of President, Prime Minister and Parliamentary Speaker. (Trend)

Georgia announces high alert regime in anticipation of bad weather

High readiness has been declared in all military units in Georgia due to the expected sharp deterioration in weather conditions, said the Georgian Defense Ministry statement published on Wednesday. If needed, the Defense Ministry division will provide the necessary support and assistance to the population of the country. In particular, Western task force command of Georgian Land Forces will work in emergency mode. The Georgian Defense Ministry will coordinate its work with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, as well as the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure. According to the statement of National Environmental Agency under Georgian Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, from the second half of September 4 the cyclone coming from Black Sea will cause strong winds, a sharp decrease in temperature, and in Western Georgia - heavy rains, hails in some places, heavy sea swell, increase of the water level in rivers. Mudslides and landslides can be activated in Georgia. (Trend)

Interior Minister meets with NDI delegation

Minister of Internal Affairs Irakli Gharibashvili held meeting with delegates of the NDI Pre-Election Assessment Mission to Georgia at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During the meeting, the sides discussed the preparatory period for the upcoming presidential elections in Georgia, the activities of persons involved in pre-election process and election environment as a whole. (Rustavi 2)

Parliaments of Georgia and Sweden plan large-scale cooperation

The parliaments of Georgia and Sweden are planning large-scale cooperation over the next 18 months. The representatives of all eight parliamentary parties of Sweden will arrive in Georgia and meet with the members of all parties represented in Georgia. "Seven out of eight parties in the Swedish Parliament support further expansion of the EU. They support the idea that new countries can become EU members if they meet certain criteria. Swedish Parliament pays great attention to the Eastern Partnership. Sweden together with Poland was the initiator of this partnership, so we support the development of cooperation with the former Soviet republics. I would like to quote the words of the former German chancellor Helmut Kohl, who said that if you want to feel protected and safe, your neighbors should be your friends, and you will feel secure and friendly when there will be an appropriate economic development in these countries," Westerberg said after the meeting. Swedish parliament's delegation is in Georgia for a three-day visit. It will meet with the Georgian Prime Minister, President, the parliamentary opposition and the Patriarch of Georgia. (Trend)

Georgian president conquers mountain top

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili is climbing Mkinvartsveri peak in the Great Caucasus Mountains/ The National Federation of Travelers posted this information on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

Security measures were strengthened in connection with the president's participation in the expedition to the Mkinvartsveri peak, the information noted. The president earlier said that he intends to be actively engaged in travel and mountaineering. Saakashvili began to hike to the Tobarchkhali canyon in the Samegrelo region (West Georgia) two weeks ago. (Trend)

GPB may close down two talk-shows

Georgian Public Broadcaster may close two political talk-shows leaving their anchors, Eka Kvesitadze and Davit Paitchadze off-air. Giorgi Baratashvili, Director General of GPB, spoke about the plans of the station for a new season. He confirmed that the talk shows would be modified, but did not go into more details. He said everything would be clear in October, when the new season began. As for Kvesitadze, the journalist suspects the processes in the GPB are controlled by the government of Georgia, which has not formed a firm position about the modification of the GPB. She says that`s why Baratashvili failed to answer all the questions posed by the media today.

Kvesitadze says she is not going to leave the company calmly without protest and intends to take possible measures and activities to protect her positions. (Rustavi 2)