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Do you watch state official's press-conferences? What questions would you ask the officials?

Thursday, September 5
“I used to watch, but quit. Though I'd say that the format is not acceptable for me, as questions asked by the journalists are never answered by the state officials, they are just making their own comments and nothing more.”
Diana, PR Manager, 30

“My question would be: how they are going to solve the problem of unemployment.”
Salome, MA Student, 24

“I watch the press-conferences. I think that format of such conferences are too prolonged and I dislike the politicians’ attitude towards journalists, as well as meaningless disputes during the press-conferences.”
Nino, Housewife, 27

“I watch practically all the press-conferences. I think that such format should be found where all the journalists would be able to ask questions.”
Artiom, reporter, 26

“I have been working as a journalist for years and I can say that the current government of Georgia is better, more open to journalists than the previous one. Practically all the journalists have a chance to ask the questions to all officials. However, there are claims concerning the format. For example, on September 4 Prime Minister had responded the journalists for 3 hours, however, some of my colleges were unsatisfied anyway as all of them could not ask the question.”
Madlena, Journalist, 34