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ICC Georgia’s Statement regarding the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and Trade with Georgia’s Neighbors

Wednesday, September 11
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC-Georgia) expresses its full support for the process of entering into a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the European Union.

The DCFTA will ensure Georgia’s access to a stable and reliable market of over 500 million consumers and, more importantly, it will open the door to Georgia’s future integration in the European Community.

In addition, the DCFTA with the European Union will boost investors’ confidence in Georgia and will ensure a steady flow of foreign direct investment to the country.

It is also important to note the serious challenges which continue to be faced by Georgian exporters and business people, despite a harmonized Customs Regime with the Commonwealth of Independent States.

When exporting to the Commonwealth of Independent States, Georgian exporters and business people face illegal customs fees, protectionism and artificial barriers, which act to restrict the free movement of goods and which hamper Georgia’s potential as a regional transport and logistics hub.

ICC Georgia, which is the most inclusive business association in the country that includes more than one hundred major companies and business associations, believes that the DCFTA with the EU will have a very positive impact on the Georgian economy and on the future of the country. The DCFTA will also act as a catalyst that will help neighboring countries to move towards a more transparent and open trade policy with Georgia focused on the free flow of goods throughout the region.

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