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Wednesday, September 11
Emzar Goguadze: GYLA’s accusations are baseless

Tabula reports that the head of the board of trustees of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB), Emzar Goguadze, says the statement of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) about the illegality of the board’s decision to remove the General Director of GPB from his position is groundless. Goguadze said at the press conference that the two members of the board – Natalia Dvali and Nino Danelia, participated in the council session via Skype.

“I think the GYLA did not have the full information,” Goguadze said, stressing that the video record of the board session shows that the two above-mentioned members approved of the board’s decision; they also sent their consent via e-mail. Moreover, according to Goguadze, the people who represented Dvali and Danelia at the session had the official authority, thus all the board members were represented at the session. As Goguadze explained the similar case had occurred when the general Director, Giorgi Baratashvili was dismissed from his position for the first time.

The competition for revealing the new head of GPB will start on September 12; the board will have 30 days for considering the candidates.

Goguadze said he will go to the parliament to discuss the board’s decision about dismissing Baratashvili if he receives an official invitation.

Giorgi Baratshvili was removed from the position a couple of days ago upon the decision of the board of trustees. The GYLA thinks his dismissal was illegal and applied to the prosecutor’s office. Meanwhile, the deputy head of the parliamentary committee on education, science and culture, Eliso Chapidze, addressed the head of the board of trustees to explain the reasons for Baratashvili’s dismissal.

Ministry of Education says the number of second-hand books will not exceed 0.1%

Liberali reports that according to the deputy minister of education and science, Lia Gigauri, it became necessary to distribute second-hand books to several schools. Gigauri said the ministry has got the databases which show the number of books necessary for each school.

Gigauri said huge activities have been carried out in the ministry. However, as some students are changing the schools the amount of books will not be enough at certain schools. “According to our estimations, it will become necessary to mix new and old books at some schools only so that it will not exceed 0.1%,” Gigauri said adding that all in all for such “critical situations” the schools were ordered to distribute books which are in good shape.