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Like a thriller

By Messenger Staff
Friday, September 13
Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili is continuing to keep the Georgian nation in suspense. This began when he started his political career almost two years ago, continued after he announced he would leave politics and continues while the identity of his successor remains unknown.

Analysts' opinions differ as to Ivanishvili's motives. Some think he is simply exerting his power but others think that Ivanishvili's behavior is typical of politics.

The Georgian population has accepted the fact that Ivanishvili will resign as prime minister and leave the political arena. Ivanishvili has explained his decision by stating that Georgia no longer needs a highly charismatic head of state. Just who the (presumably uncharismatic) new prime minister will be is still a mystery.

Ivanishvili has continued the intrigue by saying that he already knows who he wants to nominate and that this individual is very interesting; however, he has not mentioned any names yet.

It is unfair to keep the population in the dark about such an important matter. Is this individual really a worthy candidate? What is the general attitude towards this individual? Why should this individual only satisfy the taste of one person?

When President Mikheil Saakashvili introduced new amendments to the constitution, he was confident that he would become the next prime minister after his presidential term expired. So he gave the prime minister's office practically unlimited power. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to discharge the prime minister from office. So there is justified concern as to why the next prime minister's identity is still unknown.

Giorgi Margvelashvili has already been announced as the Georgian Dream's candidate for the presidential election in October. He was personally nominated by Ivanishvili. Analysts are asking: if Ivanishvili does not want charismatic leadership in the country, but at the same time retains the privilege of nominating his party's candidates for the president and the prime minister, is he really relinquishing power? Or instead is he trying to retain power once he leaves office?

There are different prognoses about what will happen after the presidential election and Ivanishvili’s resignation. Some are drawing an almost apocalyptic picture while others predict snap parliamentary elections. There are also many who think that popular support for the Georgian Dream coalition will considerably diminish after Ivanishvili's resignation.

What if support for Georgian Dream begins to significantly diminish? What if another political party has a good showing in the presidential race, not necessarily winning but suggesting future success? These questions remain unanswered -only time will give us the truth.