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What problems do you face in your apartments? What does your apartment building association do to solve the problems?

Friday, September 13
"There are many different problems, but the biggest one is with the elevator. Sometimes it doesn't work and even when it does the inside of the elevator is dirty and poorly lit. The apartment management doesn't seem to care and only apartment residents fix it when it is broken."
Mari, student, 19

"I have never dealt with my apartment building association. What is that? There are some people who regularly collect some mysterious maintenance fees. Thatís were our contact ends."
Albert, university graduate, 25

"My apartment building association has dealt with all problems in a timely manner."
Marekh, MA student, 24

"Our apartment building association is headed by a woman who cares a lot about our block of flats. She has ensured that every floor of the block is repaired, that the building is clean and that nobody litters. It has raised residents' consciousness about being good neighbors. Everyone is thankful for her. We mostly pay for repairs ourselves but sometimes the local municipal government helps finance certain projects."
Elene, housewife, 34

"I will not live in Tbilisi. There are no apartment building associations in the area where I live."
Avtandil, economist, 27

"There are several problems but they are generally unimportant. For example, pollution is an issue but this doesn't bother me because I live on the second floor. We have an apartment association in our neighbourhood but it doesn't function as it should."
Vasiko, pupil, 17

"I think that the question should be asked to our apartment building association head. She would answer appropriately."
Alika, engineer, 41