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JSC Television appeals to Ivanishvili

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, September 16
Joint-stock companyTelevision, members of which are willing to purchase TV 9, registered at the Public Registry and presented a plan of action to Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili. JSC members held a press conference on September 13 and talked about their plans. JSC’s founders are Ia Antadze, Tsotne Gamsakhurdia and Vasil Maglapheridze, who is the director of the company. Members of the Supervisory Board are mathematician Tamaz Avalshvili, journalist Ramilia Alieva, physicist Davit Zilpimiani, journalist Nino Zuriashvili, actress Nata Murvanidze, writer Merab Ratishvili, writer Paata Kurdadze, journalist Mamuka Khuparadze and Head of the Supervisory Board of the Stock Exchange of Georgia, Gogi Loladze.

Antadze said that the first part of the appeal focuses on the list they need for the television station to begin working. The petition is accompanied by a list of equipment- part of which JSC is willing to buy or lease from Ivanishvili. The second part of the appeal is the concept, which includes the responses to questions in which are in Ivanishvili's interests

Maghlaperidze said that they want Ivanishvili to rent, lease or otherwise provide the necessary apparatus' for television station, which the company will purchase later.

Khuparadze said that if the owner does not cooperate, it will be impossible to establish public television on the basis of TV 9. "This is really a novelty in our lives. I think with our experience we will reach successes," stated Khuparadze.

Loladze said that within a few months it will be possible to determine how much the safety stock will cost and how much should be paid for the purchase of shares of the station for interested people. “Anyone will be able to acquire preferential shares, which provides them no right to vote, but it gives them the opportunity to be involved in the equity in the distribution of dividends and make a profit,” stressed Loladze.

Loladze said Ivanishvili will also have the opportunity to buy shares, including preference shares. However, he will not be meddling in Prime Television. Loladze said that the reason for this is that the prime minister will not be able to interfere in the activities of the station.

Ivanishvili said on September 4 that he considers it unrealistic to establish a public television staion on the basis of TV 9.

On the question- what is the point of sending an appeal to Ivanishvili after his statement? Antadze explains that even though Ivanishvili does not believe in this idea, he will not prevent it. Antadze hopes that Ivanishvili will support the idea, especially since the organization was founded. JSC is waiting for a response.