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Tuesday, September 17
Georgia, Russia to discuss ways of healing bilateral relations

The special representative Georgian Prime Minister for Relations with Russia, Zurab Abashidze and the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Grigory Karasin, will discuss ways of healing Russian-Georgian relations at the next meeting in Prague on September 19. According to the website of Russia's Foreign Ministry, the informal dialogue which started in Geneva on December 14, 2012. This includes ways of improving Russian-Georgian relations in the spheres where improvement in trade, transport, cultural and humanitarian sphere, science and healthcare is possible without diplomatic relations. According to the report, an exchange of views on the prospects of Russian-Georgian relations is also planned after the presidential election in Georgia scheduled for October 27.

Georgian MFA welcomes the agreement on Syrian chemical weapons

Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the agreement on Syrian chemical weapon reached in Geneva, the deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Davit Jalaghania said at a press conference.

The statement says that Georgia unwaveringly supports the general principles of destroying weapons of mass destruction in the world. The Georgian MFA welcomes the Framework for the Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapon reached on September 14 in Geneva. Jalaghania said that the agreement is unprecedented and the implementation of the agreement will be strengthened by the UN Security Council resolution. The Georgian side hopes that all the responsible parties will meet the terms of the agreement.

Former presenters of TV9 to anchor programs on GPB

Former employees of TV9 Eka Beridze, Tamta Sanikidze and Irakli Chikhladze, will present programs on the First Channel of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB).

Chikhladze will be the presenter of the daytime newscast, while the two will present the main newscast of the First Channel on weekends.

There are plans to launch a new political talk-show on the GPB. The new political talk-show to be aired at 9 p.m. and will have 4 hosts. Beridze will be among the four presenters of the new talk-show together with Davit Paichadze, Eka Kvesitadze and Eka Mishveladze.

Former TV9 journalist Vasil-Ivanov Chikovani has been working at the First Channel for over two months as well.

Georgian wine expo opens in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Georgian wine expo started at the bank of Ljubljanica River in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Aleksandre Chkuaseli, acting ambassador of Georgia in Slovenia, said that by the initiative of the mayor of Ljubljana, wine expos of EuroBasket participant countries started in the city.

On September 14, this event started with a two-day expo of Georgian and Spanish wine. Other participant countries of EuroBasket will join the expo in the coming days. The Georgian wine expo is held with the support of the Georgian Embassy. Wine tasting is free.

Ljubljana has been connected with Tbilisi since 1977.

After the preliminary round of EuroBasket 2013, which was played in four venues across Slovenia, the tournament is now moving to Ljubljana, which will host the second round featuring 12 best European basketball nations.
(Hvino News)

Lazi language to be elective subject in Turkish schools

The Education Ministry of Turkey has decided that the Lazi language, spoken particularly in the Black Sea region, is to become an elective course in secondary schools as of the 2013 and 2014 education year, the Hurriet Daily News informs. The Lazuri which is a relative of Kartvelian (Georgian) language will be offered as part of the “living languages and dialects” course introduced in secondary schools last year. The courses planned so far include three languages: Kurdish, Circassian and Abkhaz. Fifth grade students are able to elect one of these three languages and continue learning it for four years. The Education Ministry’s Board of Education and Discipline decided to include Lazuri as a part of the languages for offer. Students in secondary schools and religious secondary schools are able to elect Lazuri as part of the “living languages and dialects” course starting from this term. The board has prepared a curriculum for the Lazuri classes, aiming to teach children how to use the language in their daily lives. The board used the Common European framework of reference for languages while preparing the language program. The courses will have listening, speaking, writing and reading sessions. Resources such as interviews, movies and cartoons in Lazuri will also be part of this course.