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How will you meet the new academic year? What do you like/dislike in the Georgian educational system?

Tuesday, September 17
“I completely do not like the approach and general basis of their understanding. Formation of educational system is always based on analogies and not on our own needs and our own mentality.”
Nikoloz, Archaeologist, 31

“I hardly managed to register my daughter at the kindergarten… However, she is now at the elder age group as all the places at her age group were overfilled. What is more, this group has 40 children and just 2 teachers.”
Anuka, Editor, 27

“As usual I prepare to meet my students and teach them English like our educational system, but I think we need more motivated and more educated teachers and lecturers. Some training programs would be acceptable.”
Ani, lecturer, 25

“I am not a student or a teacher any longer. I do not feel a new academic year as others. However, I graduated from the university not long ago and I could see the shortcomings of the education system. There are so-called individual schedules for each student that create serious problems and chaos in the universities. Technical issues have not been solved. At the same time state universities give common education and theory more than profitable training in a concrete, objective and practical knowledge.”
Gvantsa, Language Specialist, 26

“I am very glad that a new academic year has started. At first glance I liked everything at school. The new rules seem acceptable as well.”
Cisi, pupil, 14