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Wednesday, September 18
Police officer conduct in question

Liberali reports that the Public Defender is studying several cases of violations committed by police officers; while these cases have have currently been in hands of the general inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA).

According to the report of ombudsman, the European Court of Human Rights has in the cases of Enukidze and Girgvliani vs Georgia, to ensure effective investigation it is important that the people responsible for investigation were impartial in the legal and practical ways.

“It means that not only the hierarchical or institutional contacts should be excluded among the participants of the certain events, but also they should be practically independent,” reads the statement stressing that people should have confidence that the government is able to ensure supremacy of law by eradicating any type of illegal deal or any tolerance towards the state officials and make it sure that the latter feel responsible for their activities resulted in the death of other people.

Marine Chitashvili says she is offered the job described in her conception

Liberali reports that Professor of Tbilisi State University (TSU) and Director of the Centre for Social Sciences, Marine Chitashvili, will be the deputy head of TSU. Chitashvili said she has agreed with the responsibilities of her job with the university head, Lado Papava.

“I was offered a position that was described in my conception. It mainly refers to the development of the university – what should be done to make it a strong organization,” Chitashvili said.

She said the description of her job mainly includes the presentation of institutional development projects to the head of the university, as well as the development of the studying courses and research in relevance with modern Western standards.

“The first three months will be used for studying the situation and further analysis,” said Chitashvili, who removed her candidacy for the head of TSU a couple of days prior to the elections at the university.