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Should the law become strict regarding false calls on bombs?

Wednesday, September 18
"I think it must, because with those calls, the working process is interrupted, people are frightened and resources are wasted in vain, while searching for false bombs."
Giorgi, programmer, 23

“The law should become stricter concerning the false calls regarding bombs in a building. If the caller is an underaged individual, his parents should be punished… I do not know who stands back the calls. However, I have such impressions that the process is being ruled by someone.”
Artiom, Journalist, 26

“The process regarding bomb scares has become uncontrolled recently and some measures should be undertaken concerning the issue, this is no longer a laughing matter.”
Nino, language specialist, 25

“I think that people should be informed that finding a person who calls is too easy for the police and at the same time the action is illegal and envisages punishment. In case if public is fully informed concerning the issue, no one will call…”
Tsutsi, Housewife, 29

“Yes definitely, it should become stricter and there is needed some kind of psychological solution for our society.”
Sophio, Journalist, 25

“Yes, of course the changes should be carried out via new legislation. Otherwise the constant calls to 122 about false bombs creates a serious barrier for working of TV channels.”
Lili, PR Manager, 27

Yes, I think It should be, because false calls have become common, which causes interruption of work and chaos.”
Tamta, Reporter, 29