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What do you think about closing the shows of Kvesitadze and Paichadze on GPB?

Thursday, September 19
“I am feeling negatively toward such actions, no one has the right to prevent journalists from doing their job.”
Mariam, student, 18

“Maybe Kvesitadze' and Paichadze' shows were not desirable for many, but this did not give the right for the leadership of the Georgian Public Broadcaster to close the programs in a way that they did. Both of the programs enjoyed high ratings. GPB leadership could change the format and not close the programs so unreasonably… the process has political shading.”
Artiom, journalist, 26

“The right decision was made when the shows anchored by these individuals were canceled. They have always been partial and aggressive towards guests they disliked. Kvesitadze’s attitude towards religion and the gay parade was also disgusting. I approve not only their dismissal; the status of journalists should be seized from them. There are some others in Georgian journalism that should follow their path…”
Giorgi, it specialist, 27

“I approve of the decision. Both of the journalists should have left the Georgian Public Broadcaster.”
Natia, student, 21

“I think they are very politically biased and the public broadcaster should not have such people.”
Eka, Housewife, 31

“I am against any kind of redundancy but still I think Kvesitadze and Paichadze used to be very biased.”
Ilia, Economist, 34