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Bravo Records finishes work on Oto Nemsadze's debut album

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, September 19
The presentation of Oto Nemsadze's solo debut album was held at Bravo Records studio on September 18. He is the winner of the Rustavi 2 musical project Geostar in 2010. The main sponsor of the project, Geocell, helped him pay for his debut album, while Bravo Records released the CD.

The concept of the album was born after one of the tours of Geostar, where Nemsadze performed the song of late Otar Ramishvili named Snow. And the idea of performing famous Georgian composerís songs in a new way was born. Musician Zviad Bolkvadze arranged the album.

Sea of Thoughts consists of 10 of Ramishvili's best songs, including the last duet with Ramishvili, Snow, as a bonus track.

Nemsadze said that he is very thankful to everyone who took part in the recording. He also said that Ramishvili is special a composer for him who performs in a charismatic and extraordinary way, and this was the reason for choosing his songs for the debut album.

Tbilisi City Hall organized a preventative concert for Nemsadze, on October 5, at Meidan, during Tbilisoba. The Head of Tbilisi Centre of Cultural Events, Neka Sebiskveradze, said that she is supporting Nemsadze, because he is very talented and his special voice timbre is perfect for those songs. In the first part of the event, Nemsadze will perform all the songs from the new album. In the second part he will sing his popular solo and duet songs.

Zaza Shengelia, the President of Bravo Records, said that the realization of this album coincides with the 80th anniversary of Ramishvili and this is symbolic too.

Aside from Geocell, Borjomi and Zedazeni also are sponsors of the album. According to Shengelia, they plan to hold a record-signing party on October 3, at Guru Club.