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Georgia’s tourist revenues

By Messenger Staff
Monday, September 23
According to the information from the National Tourism Administration, in the 8 months of 2013, 3.5 million people entered Georgia. They spent approximately 1.7 million GEL so each visitor has spent around $475 USD. Of course among those who crossed the Georgian border and entered the country not all of them are tourists. Some of them are truck drivers who do not spend even a day in the country. They cross the Georgia-Turkish border at Sarpi or Vale checkpoint and cover 500 km to the east and leave the country the same day in the evening through the Georgia-Azerbaijan border. Therefore, these people spend very little money here in Georgia if they spend any at all.

Today in Georgia, there are more than one-thousand hotels functioning, including guesthouses and bed-and-breakfast facilities. Georgia actively possesses around 34,000 beds, which is not a every impressive figure, because even during the Soviet period, Georgia could accommodate more than 150,000 visitors daily. If we add that the services are still not up to a very high quality and the prices are too high compared to the services, it should be concluded that the tourism business is not that successful.