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Monday, September 23
Gaiashvili says he himself deleted the sign of Sokhumi from the plane

Netgazeti reports that Head of the Council of Directors of Georgian Airways, Tamaz Gaiashvili, said it was his decision to delete the signs for Sokhumi from the plane. “It is up to the company to decide what to be written on the plane and what – not. Some planes may have written Tbilisi on them, others – Sokhumi, but what does it mean? Hymn and anthem are symbols not the name of the plane,” he stated.

It was in reply to President Mikheil Sakashvili’s recent statement concerning the disappearance of the title Sokhumi from the plane he previously used, which is now in state usage.

However, Deputy Minister of Economy, Natia Mikeladze, said in response that the plane belongs to Bank of Georgia (BOG). She said the ministry does not manage the plane, while it belongs to BOG. “This is why we do not have information when and why the title was deleted. The owners can deal with the plane as they wish,” she said.

PM ready to give technical apparatus of TV9 to Television

Liberali reports that Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili met with the founders of JSC Television on September 20th and expressed his readiness to give the technical apparatus of TV9. One of the founders of Television, Ia Antadze, said the day was very fruitful.

She said two of the PM's representatives will start active cooperation with them from the next week so that specific steps will follow. “We will define what we need, how much this all costs, in which format we should pay, etc,” said Antadze supposing that it will take 2-3 weeks.

Antadze said that the PM welcomed the concept of the founders of the television station. According to Antdze, Ivanishvili said he does not want this TV channel to damage the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB); he also realized that this channel would, on the contrary, make GPB stronger. The PM was intersected in how the JSC would manage to run the TV station as a business in an open and transparent way. “The PM told us that we will have to overcome a lot of obstacles,” Antadze stated, adding that Ivanishvili expressed his political will that there was a TV channel free of political bias in the country.

JSC Television was founded on September 9 after the family of PM Ivanishvili closed his family-owned TV 9, and gave Info 9 to the staff as a present.