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Do you like Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre? Why (not)?

Monday, September 23
“I like it. This year was the first time I attended the festival opening and several performances and I loved it. Festivals are always good to attend, it is fun and gives you the chance to get acquainted with foreign theatres and cast.”
Nino, choreographer, 25

“Regrettably, I’m unable to say anything about the festival, as I’ve not attended any of the plays. Though, I always welcome various festivals. They always attract many people, participants as well as spectators.”
Dato, BA Student, 20

“Oh is it running now? I have not heard about it. This means that they have not enough commercials.”
Keti, Linguist, 22

“I have not been to the festival this year. I know it has just started and will last till October, so I will have an opportunity to attend any of the plays form the international proggram because we Georgians do not always have the chance become familiar with foreign directors and their troupes abroad, thus it is a good opportunity to see their plays in Tbilisi.”
Mirian, Art Student, 18

“I attended the first play of the festival after a Canadian director called The Far Side of The Moon. It was a play performed by one man, with the technical support of some other people who never appeared on the stage. But you could not only see or hear him acting, but also feel and share his feelings during the two-hour performance. I think this year’s festival will be very interesting, just like it was during the four previous years. I highly recommend to all theatregoers to take this opportunity and see as many Georgian and foreign plays as possible. This is a luxury to have so many interesting directors and troupes in Tbilisi!”
Elene, Translator, 31

“The main factor why I like this festival is that it united Georgian and foreign art so that you can observe the trends of the international theatres, compare them with the Georgian troupes and make the difference. I do not mean that we do not have good plays, but the majority of plays I have seen in recent times lack spirit – technically they may look nice but still, they are far from the Georgian reality, while European or even Asian troupes have plays which are natural to them. I welcome this festival and wish success to our local troupes and their directors!”
Misha, Sociologist, 46