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Margvelashvili presents his election programme

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, September 23
The Georgian Dream (GD) officially presented their presidential candidate’s election program at the Sports Palace on September 19. Prime Minister, Bidzina Ivanishvili, addressed the guests with a speech.

Ivanishvili said that the GD will hold free, and extraordinarily high-standard elections. “We will hold elections, as our country and people deserve it. You know that I have always been transparent and was talking openly. I always am sincere and not making backstage decisions. I never needed to lie,” Ivanishvili said, stressing that Margvelashvili is “the one and only candidate who should be the president of Georgia.”

The PM also said that those who are trying to mislead people with gossips and pull them to make the wrong choice would be disappointed, as their attempts will not be successful. “I advise them to stop such actions and take a chance to win against Margvelashvili in a worthy fight. To me, Margvelashvvili is a decent person, modern, educated, balanced and an honest man, with a clean past,” PM Ivanishvili said, adding that the confidence to Margvelashvili means confidence to him as well.

“In October of last year, the whole country stood up and voted for freedom. I am confident that as one people, we will elect Margvelashvili and with that, we will give our voice to development and stability,” he said.

In his address made after PM Ivanishvil’s speech, Margvelashvili said that his main goal is the development of the economy, through creating a stable environment, and using the country's existing potential.

“The president will be the guarantor for each person’s rights protection,” Margvelashvili said, adding that the political system will develop in balance so that the political organizations will have every opportunity to defend the interests of their supporters.

“I need your trust and support today and endless collaboration tomorrow, so that through common efforts we can continue the construction of a society of peace, unity and prosperity, based on the will of the people,” the presidential candidate said.

Members of the coalition deny the chance of holding a round of elections and believe that Margevalshvili will become president after the first round of vote. However, the UNM has been continuously accusing the GD of taking wrong steps and decisions since their victory at the parliamentary elections last October especially in the field of economy.