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The Mask of Foe opens new season at Rustaveli Theatre

Tuesday, October 1

Shota Rustaveli State Drama Theatre opened its 135th theatre season on September 28

with Amelie Nothomb’s The Mask of Foe directed by Robert Sturua on the small stage.

The action takes place at the airport. A successful businessman, Jerome, has a business trip. Suddenly he is informed that his flight has been postponed. The other passenger gets on Jerome’s nerves. Poor Jerome tries to get rid of this irritating person but in vain. He has to listen to the stranger’s terrible confession: he raped and then killed a young lady (Isabelle) who turned out to be Jerome’s wife. Police could not find the killer.

Jerome is absolutely shocked, but the stranger still encourages his revenge. Who is this vague stranger: a serial killer or Jerome himself?

Cast: Beso Zanguri, Gagi Svanidze, Zaal Baratashvili, Gela Lezhava and Mamuka Loria.