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The Georgian Dream coalition celebrates the anniversary of their victory

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, October 2
The Georgian Dream (GD) coalition celebrated the anniversary of its victory in the parliamentary elections on October 1, in 2012. By winning in the parliamentary elections the Georgian Dream gained the majority in the legislative body, while the United National Movement (UNM) moved to the minority. Politicians and analysts reflected on the GD’s one year activities. Government members name creating an environment of free expression of opinion as their main success while the main goal remains addressing employment and de-occupation.

Kakha Kaladze, Minister of Energy, said last October the population of Georgia made its choice for the future. “These were the days filled with emotions, hope, and joy. We all have achieved the goal together and have overcome the fear, alienation, and hopelessness. During my life I have seen a lot of success, a lot of emotion, but that what was happening in Georgia, that was amazing energy, and time will never be able to fade it away. I can now even feel each and every handshake, Kaladze said, stressing that his obligation is to serve to people and justify their hopes to keep building the country together. “We put Georgia on the way to the development and advancement, on the way to fulfilling our dreams. The government took a huge responsibility and obligation to justify the expectations of the people!” he said.

Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance, Sozar Subari, said that a year after the elections, Georgia has become a country where everyone can breathe freely. “Business seizing was turned into a way of life for the former government, today there is freedom and all the conditions have been created for the economic development of our country and we will see the results very soon,” stressed Subari. He also said that human rights are in the spotlight today.

Tbilisi Mayor, Gigi Ugulava said, looking back on the past year that unemployment has increased in Georgia, business has stopped and the number of crimes has grown. “On the international stage, Georgia has substantially declined. The uncertain position of wording causes disorientation and frustration with our friends. This all has taken place within one year after the new government came to power,” he said, comparing Georgia with a ship. “Somebody did not like the direction the ship was going, someone does not like the captain of the vessel, but it was a ship that was going on. It was a chance for us to see land in the anxious water,” Ugulava said, stressing that today “this ship” is standing in anxious water, and is not going anywhere, the waves are shaking it and there is a danger that the ship might sink if it will not start moving again. “This is what we have after a year," stated the Mayor.

Minister of Interior Affairs, Irakli Gharibashvili, congratulated the people on the anniversary and said that in his opinion, the victory of the past year was the beginning of a huge success for the country.