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Energy projects eligible for EU funds

Wednesday, October 16
The EU Commission has published a list of 250 energy infrastructure projects, including several in the Western Balkans and Eastern Neighborhood, that are eligible for EU funding from 2014-20.

The projects, which aim to diversify energy sources for EU member states, may receive EU funding from a total pot of 5.85 billion Euros ($8 billion) and be subject to accelerated planning and permit procedures.

The projects include an oil pipeline between Poland and Ukraine; the TANAP pipeline from Azerbaijan via Georgia and Turkey to the EU; the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan; and the White Stream pipeline connecting Georgia with Romania and Ukraine.

Several energy connections between countries in the Western Balkans are also included.

The list will now be sent to the EU Council and the European Parliament, which have two months to accept or reject the list without making amendments. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)