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Georgian agriculture lacks specialists

Monday, October 28
According to the Georgian Ministry of Agriculture, there is a serious deficit on agronomists, and vet doctors in Georgia. This deficit creates problems in the development of the agricultural industry and, in particular, the cattle-breeding sector in the country. After the Georgian Dream coalition came to power, it has taken some steps to rescue the situation. Around 480 vet doctors were assigned to the various regions of the country. However, the problems were not thus solved, because these doctors were out of practice for quite a long period. Now they need to be retrained to catch-up with the modern standards of veterinary medicine.

The similar situation is in regards of agronomists. For almost 20 years there was no need for such a profession in the country, and, therefore, no training was rendered to the universities in this direction. So, either the new specialists should be trained, or the old ones re-trained. Both options need a considerable amount of money and time as well.