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Planning and Review Process with NATO Allies

Thursday, October 31
An evaluation of the accomplishment of the commitments undertaken by Georgia under the Defense Planning and Review Process (PARP) was discussed within 28+1 format at NATO HQ. The delegation of Georgian MoD, led by Deputy Defense Minister Mikheil Darchiashvili, visited Brussels in this respect.

At the meeting, each ally highlighted that Georgia held a democratic Presidential Election that met international standards. As Deputy Defense Minister Mikheil Darchiashvili outlined, NATO partners congratulated the Georgian people and the government on this achievement.

Within the 28+1 format meeting, NATO member countries positively evaluated the performed and ongoing reforms in Georgian defense sphere. Mikheil Darchiashvili underlined the progress recently marked in the defense field of Georgia. He presented before the NATO delegation the elaboration of strategic instruments, defense planning, Georgia’s contribution in NATO-led ISAF mission and joining the NATO’s Response Force from 2015. “Together with NATO allies, we discussed the reforms carried out according to the commitments undertaken under Defense Planning and Review Process. Our allies positively evaluated the reforms within the Georgian defense sphere. We emphasized the Georgian Defense Ministry’s priorities,” outlined Deputy Defense Minister.

Within the tree-day long official visit to Brussels, Mikheil Darchiashvili held bilateral meetings with Assistants of Secretary General in the field of Defense Policy and Planning, Operations and Security, as well as with Director of the NATO Standardization Agency. The sides discussed the ongoing and fulfilled reforms in the Georgian defense field. One of the main topics of the meeting was Georgia’s contribution in the NATO-led international mission in Afghanistan, as well future cooperation plans with NATO. “We discussed the crucial aspects of bilateral cooperation – the process we are approaching to NATO membership. The Presidential Elections held in Georgia was paid great attention at the meetings. Georgia deserves appreciations for free and fair elections” – outlined Mikheil Darchiashvili.

After the meetings in Brussels the delegation of the Georgian MoD moved to Mons. Strengthening Georgia’s defense capabilities was the main topic of the meetings held at NATO European Command and NATO Special Operations HQ.