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Svans against Khudon hydro power station

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, November 5
On November 3rd the representatives of almost all the villages in Svaneti, gathered in the village of Khaishi. This is the village that will be flooded in the case that Khudon hydro-power station is built. The locals gave an oath not to allow the construction of the power station. About 200 dwellers of Svaneti have taken the oath.

The government meanwhile, announced its position and the decision to construct the power station. Several villages with 2,000 people, including the churches, cemeteries, residential houses and other buildings, will be covered by water.

The total cost of the project if implemented will be $1.2 billion. The estimated time of constructing the power station is 6 years.

The environment protection institutions protest the project. Various environmental problems have been cited. Representatives of clergy serving in Svaneti also expressed their negative attitude toward the project.