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Leadership of General Inspection meets Civil Sector Representatives

Thursday, November 7
One of the priorities of the Ministry of Defense is to insure transparency and civil control over the Ministry. With this purpose, the MoD carries out intensive cooperation and holds regular meetings with NGOs.

Chief of the General Inspection of the MoD, Andria Gotsiridze, met with members of the civil sector for the first time. At the introductory meeting, Andria Gotsiridze familiarized the public members with the General Inspection activities and state of affairs in terms of inter-agency control within the MoD.

Andria Gotsiridze briefed the visitors on the structure and key functions of the General Inspection and on the work performed during the last year. The representatives of the civil sector were interested in the hot line of the General Inspection and agreed to organize an informational campaign on it. The sides also discussed how to improve the regulations of the General Inspection. They also talked about cooperating with military servicemen according to the regulations. The sides agreed on the elaboration of anti-corruption policy documents and future cooperation issues.

Besides that, three working groups were created within the MoD: defense transformation; NATO integration and international operations and transparency and human rights.