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Defense minister awarded veterans of Abkhazian War

Thursday, November 7
Defense Minister of Georgia Irakli Alasania awarded the veterans of the Abkhazian War with service medals and valuable presents. The military servicemen who participated in the combat operations in 1992-93 were granted medals for combat merit and military courage.

Major Zaur Chikovani, Privates Teimuraz Panjavidze and Badri Letodiani, were awarded with medals “Military Courage” for bravery and military courage while defending the homeland. The defense minister handed the medals to their family members. Chief of Joint Staff of GAF, Colonel Irakli Dzneladze also awarded the veterans with medals for “Combat Merit” and valuable presents for participants of Abkhazian War: Lieutenant Soso Lomidze, Major Alexander Mamiashvili and Private Zurab Shapakidze. They received the service medals for defending the homeland and special merit for providing unity. Senior Sergeant Zaur Khubua was granted a medal for “Combat Merit” post mortem. The medal was handed to his spouse Tinatin Khubua.

"It is a very unusual and special day at the same time. It demonstrates that sacrifice for the motherland that will never be forgotten. Heroes might be rewarded later, but people always remember as their heroes. Today we have awarded our brave warriors who defended our country courageously from 1992-1993. They had not been granted awards by the political leadership of that time. The Veterans’ Affairs Department obtained those orders and rewards. So today we have such an exciting ceremony. Once more, I’d like to express my gratitude to the deceased veterans’ family members. I’d like to outline that the state is valued how it cares and respects its veterans. We have launched essential changes in this respect” – stated Irakli Alasania.

Deputy Chief of Joint Staff of GAF, Brigadier General Vakhtang Kapanadze, the leadership and representatives of MoD and the Georgian Armed Forces, as well Chairman of Defense and Security Committee of Parliament, Irakli Sesiashvili and a MP Gogi Kavtaradze attended the awarding ceremony.