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Armenia and Azerbaijan among the top military countries in the world

By Messenger Staff
Monday, November 11
According to the Global Militarization Index 2013, Armenia is ranked 4th place, whereas Azerbaijan occupies the 8th place among military countries. In the same index, Turkey holds 23rd place, and Iran 28th.

This is in the background of the militarist rhetoric from both the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides, and the threat to unleash conflict in the area of the mountainous Karabakh.

The list of militarization is headed by Israeil, followed by Singapore and Russia. Apart from Armenia and Azerbaijan, the top ten includes Syria, Jordan, South Korea, Cyprus, and Kuwait. The US holds the 27th position on the list, while China 93rd. China has the largest army in the region with 2.2 million soldiers.

Apart from Turkey, Russia and Cyprus, France come in at 55th, Holland - 75th, Germany 93rd and Sweden 94thamong the European countries. The most peaceful country in the world is Iceland.