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Roki Tunnel – aspirator of conflict

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, November 12
There is an opinion among the Georgian population of the Tskhinvali region, that if not the Roki Tunnel connecting Georgia’s breakaway region of Tskhinvali with the Russian Federation, the conflict inside Georgia would not have happened. People claim that Russia’s inspiration of the separatist mood in Georgia is closely connected with the functioning of this tunnel.

Indeed if the facts are recollected, it should be mentioned that since the opening of the Roki Tunnel in 1986, the separatist mood started actively circulating in the Tskhinvali region supported by the Russian Federation.

The tunnel construction started in 1975. Its length is almost 4 kilometers, and it is comfortable connection between Georgia and Russia because it can function all year round, and heavy snows which are usual in winter do not block the connection.

Russian soldiers and equipment entered the Georgian territory through this tunnel in 2008.